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Imlie: Malini gets locked inside a room



As the episode starts, the whole family is busy in prayer. Imlie feels very sad. She stands up and runs away from there. Sundar smiles in himself as he has planned something for Imlie. Aparna asks Malini to come with her. As Malini comes with Aparna.

Aparna tells Malini that Aditya and Malini should do the worship rituals together. Aparna goes inside the kitchen to bring sweets. Malini receives a call, and she is unable to find the network. Malini goes into a room.

Meanwhile, Sundar is searching for Imlie. He mistakes Malini for Imlie and locks the door from outside. He thinks that Imlie is inside the room. In the kitchen, Aparna is busy with some work. She mistakes Imlie for Malini and asks her to bring the sweets for worship rituals.

Malini tries to open the door, she feels suffocated in the room, but she cannot open the door. She calls Nidhi, Rupali but no one can hear her. She tries to call Aditya, but the call can’t be connected due to the network problem. ln Pagdandiya, Mithi is packing Imlie’s inlaws’ gifts. She says that her gifts are very small in front of Imlie’s inlaws. Satyakam says, “you gave your most costly thing to them.”

He says, “they should be thankful to you for that.” Imlie’s nakli Nani comes there. She picks a gift and unwraps it. She tells Mithi that she will wear that saree. Mithi becomes sad. Satyakam tells Mithi that he thought he would bring a good saree from Delhi for Mausi. On hearing this, Imlie’s nakli Nani gives the saree back to Mithi. She says that she will wear the saree brought by Satyakam and goes from there.

Satyakam notices a clay Idol of Dev near Mithi. He feels sad. He gives the bus ticket to Mithi and says he will pick her in the morning. Mithi asks Satyakam, “what happened?”. Satyakam says that he left his everything, but Mithi is not able to forget Dev. He says to Mithi, “Don’t keep any hope for Dev.”

Satyakam goes from there. Mithi becomes very sad. Imlie puts the sweets near the Idol. Aditya is not able to find Malini. He asks Aparna, “where is Malini?”. Aparna tells him that she is near the Idol. Aditya goes near the Idol. Imlie thinks that it would be better if Aditya doesn’t see her. As she tries to go away from there, Panditji asks her to do the Arti.

Aditya comes there. Panditji tells Imlie that she has to do Arti with Aditya. Aditya finds that it’s Imlie, not Malini. He tells Panditji that she is not Malini. Anu asks, “where is Malini ?”. Everyone starts searching for Malini. Aditya finds a room locked. Malini feels very suffocated. She starts fainting. Aditya tries to open the door, but he is unable to open it. Aditya breaks the door. He finds Malini inside.

He goes near Malini and hugs her. Other family members also gather there. Malini feels terrified. Aditya asks her, “what are you doing here?”. Malini says that “I received an important call, I was unable to find the network.” She further adds that “I got inside the room in search of the network, but someone locked the room from outside.”

Sundar says that it was his mistake. He says that he was trying to play a prank on Imlie. He thought Imlie is locked in the room, but it was Malini. Sundar says sorry for his mistake. Aditya scolds Sundar. He tells him, “you are here to do household work, not for pranks.” Sundar says, sorry. Pankaj stops Aditya.

He tells Sundar, “you small prank can cause a big harm to Malini.” He tells Sundar that the competition between him and Imlie has ended, and such a mistake should not be repeated. Sundar again says sorry. Pankaj says, “fortunately, Malini is fine. Now they should start the puja.” Dhruv says, sorry to Anu. He says that “there was a competition between Sundar and Malini which ended today.

Anu asks Aparna, “you feel bad when someone scolds your servants.” Anu says that Imlie is trying to take Malini’s place. She says that “what was Imlie doing near the Idol?”. Aparna says that she mistook Imlie for Malini and ordered her to put the sweets near Idol. Anu says that Imlie spoils every function.

Aparna says that Imlie is immature. Anu is very angry, and she says that Aparna cares for her servants too much. Nidhi says sorry to Malini. Rupali also apologizes to Malini. Nidhi says, “I got so busy in the worship that I forgot to take care of you.” Rupali and Nidhi promise Malini that they will always take care of her. Pankaj tells Aparna, “our daughter and daughters-in-law are so sweet, they can solve any problem easily”.

Malini says sorry on Anu’s behalf. She says that she is fine and they should continue worship. All family members go near the Idol to worship. Imlie is outside the room. Aditya comes near Imlie. He says, “I told you, nothing is more important than Malini’s life for me”.Imlie says that “what was my fault today ?”.

She says that she is not trying to take anyone’s place. Aditya says, “it’s true, today’s incidents not Imlie’s fault.” He tells Imlie, your presence in my life is the biggest fault.” He says, “My family members also got attached to you.”Aditya goes from there. Imlie feels sadder. All the family members as near the Idol for worship. Aditya and Malini are standing together for worship.

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