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Choti Sardarni: Sarabjeet feels guilty



Sarabjeet feels guilty

Meher and Sarabjeet were filled with guilt after they saw Param begging for milk. While Meher was ashamed of slapping an innocent son like Param, Sarabjeet accused himself of being the core reason for his family’s present financial state. Param’s words that he was trying to help his brother echoed in Meher’s ears until she went up to her son and apologized.

Meher hugged and kissed Param’s cheek as he was crying hysterically.

“Mom made a really big mistake today, I shouldn’t have hit you. I am really sorry Param,” she apologized.

Param replied, “You gave me such a big punishment just for 17 rupees.”

Meher explained to Param that it wasn’t a matter of 17 rupees but their dignity. She told him that Singh never begs before anyone but to earn and survive.

“It is not the matter of 17 rupees. It is about our title. Singhs never beg before anyone, they always believe in hard work. People only beg when they can’t do anything else. I have never seen Singhs open their hands for begging. We only bow down before God. Even though we have little money, we don’t bow down. Look at your father, he didn’t give up. He earned and then fed us. Promise me that one day you will become like your father,” Meher explained.

Param promised that he would become like his father and he will never seek anyone’s help in this manner again. He even apologized to her. Both of them forgive each other, and Param wipes the tears off Meher’s eyes.

Outside the ‘Gill Mansion’, everyone was chanting Kulwant Kaur’s name. She said that she wanted to enter into politics after revealing something important for all the locals to know. She would unveil a big secret.

Harleen, Robby, and Kumar Pathak thought that she would reveal Sarabjeet’s truth. Instead, she stood for Harleen and Sarabjeet that was like a blow on Pathak’s face.

“Kumar Pathak is the biggest fool on earth. If there is a snake on one end and Kumar Pathak on another then one must first kill Kumar Pathak as he is a traitor. He is a fool and to get in the good books of the public he is trying to tarnish Sarabjeet’s reputation. My son-in-law might have removed me from the Punjab Dal party, but I will not join any other party. He is our party’s president and will always be happy. Today, I assure you that Sarabjeet Singh Gill will surely come before everyone. Just stay away from this cunning wolf,” she said.

After listening to the truth, the public started beating Pathak for ruining Sarabjeet’s image for his selfish motives.

Kulwant Kaur inside the mansion and assured Harleen that she is always by her side as she is her own.

“Harleen, you are not alone in this. I am always there to you. In such bitter situations, it is always the dear ones who come first,” said Kulwant Kaur.

“I am really worried, I don’t know where Sarabjeet, Meher, Param and Karan will be right now,” said Harleen.

On the other hand, Aditi was a little upset after seeing pictures clicked by someone who showed Param begging. She controlled her emotions and said that Sarabjeet’s kids would force him to return to the Gill Mansion.

“Now your kids will force you to keep your steps back in the Gill mansion,” Aditi said to herself.

Meanwhile, Sarabjeet was still in trauma and recalled all that had happened with him and his family since they left the house. He didn’t even talk to Meher that night and slept silently.

The next day, when Meher saw Sarabjeet still in grief, she said that everything in their life was connected to him. If Sarab won’t smile, nobody in the family would smile.

After some time, Meher and Param enacted a little skit in which Param became Sarabjeet. Sarab woke up after hearing their funny dialogues and was about to leave the room when Param held his hand and said, “So Param son, are you awake now?”

Param continued to create humor in the atmosphere. Meher, too supported him in the act.

“Param son, father loves you the most. Your father will fulfil all your dreams and will get anything for you. But don’t be sad like this. Your father can see anything except tears in your eyes,” Param consoled Sarabjeet.

On the other hand, Aditi and Vikram entered into a heated argument after Aditi lied to him again.

“You lied to me again. But this time I am not surprised as I am used to your habits now,” said Vikram.

After he left, Aditi said that there won’t be any need for her to get the kids back in the house as Sarabjeet would surely return one day.

“I wanted to show you this picture of Param, in which he is seen begging. But now I won’t show you. I don’t have to do anything to get them back. Sarabjeet will himself return as his kids won’t be able to survive in those adverse circumstances,” Aditi said to herself.

Meanwhile, Param promised Sarabjeet that he will never bow down before anyone and will earn money by hard work in the future like his father. Sarabjeet apologized to Meher too and hugged her.

“I am sorry Meher, I wasn’t upset with you. I was upset because I thought I had failed as a father,” he said.

“I understand Sarabjeet ji, but the thing that I saw yesterday has shook me as well. What if we wouldn’t have stopped Param today? It would have raised a question on our upbringing and would have become a blot on our parenthood,” cried Meher.

Sarabjeet replied, “But you explained him well about hard work. I am sure that Param will never repeat this act and would become like me one day.”

After such a dramatic day, another problem is awaiting Meher’s family. In tonight’s promo, the viewers’ saw police arresting Param in a theft case. Did he steal the money, or did someone frame him? To know more, watch tonight’s episode.

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