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Choti Sardarni 22nd December 2020 episode: Param begs for money to buy milk



In the previous episode, Param went to the milk shop to buy some milk for his brother Karan as he was continuously weeping with hunger. But the owner refused to give him milk without money. When Param couldn’t find any other way to buy milk, he did the unthinkable thing. He recalled a moment when he saw Montu with money. Montu had told him in the past how to get money from people by showcasing his condition and begging before them.

“This is our way to get money. We just have to say, ‘aunty ji, uncle ji, please give us some money, we are hungry,” Param recalled Montu’s words.

For the sake of his little brother, Param decided to seek help from the locals. He approached the passersby one-by-one and begged for 17 rupees to buy milk for his hungry brother. Even when people ignored him, he didn’t lose hope and continued seeking help.

When Meher and Sarabjeet didn’t find their kids at home, they got worried.

“Where are Param and Karan?” asked Meher worriedly.

“I told Param to take care of Karan until I return,” replied Sarabjeet, who was as worried as Meher.

While Meher and Sarabjeet went outside and asked people if they saw their kids, Param accidentally went to Vikram to plead him for money. Since Vikram’s back faced Param, he couldn’t identify him. Vikram was about to turn back when one of his staff called him and directed him to a nearby area.

After several hours, when Meher and Sarabjeet finally found Param and Karan, the sight before them turned their world upside down. Never in their lives would they have imagined that they would have to see this one day. Param was begging before a woman and asked her to give him Rs 17 for milk.

“Aunty ji, please help me, I want to buy milk for my brother. Please give me 17 rupees,” he begged.

Seeing Param begging, Meher’s eyes flashed with anger. The lady was about to hand over money to Param when Meher went to him and slapped him publicly. She shouted at him before everyone and questioned why he was doing such an unexpected thing.

Meher asked, “Were you begging? How dare you? Is this what I have taught you?”

After scolding him, she grabbed his hand tightly and told him to go back home with her. Sarabjeet took Karan, and he too went home.

Meanwhile, in the Gill Mansion, the public held a protest and demanded Sarabjeet Singh Gill to come outside. When Harleen asked Robby what was happening outside, he replied that they were suspicious about Sarabjeet’s reality.

“Locals, media, etc all have gathered outside and want to know the reality as they suspect that Sarabjeet is not staying here. They are worried about the Punjab party’s future,” replied Robby.

Harleen went outside to stop everyone but was speechless as she didn’t have the answers to their questions. Suddenly, the opposition leader started making an announcement and introduced a new member of his party.

“The public wants to know why Sarabjeet Singh Gill has left the Punjab Dal party in such a miserable situation. The elections are round the corner. At least he should have explained his supporters what he was up to and what will be his next step,” he asked.

He looked towards Harleen and asked her where Sarabjeet Singh Gill was.

When she didn’t reply, the leader further manipulated the locals by saying that she won’t answer, and so this party’s future is in darkness.

“How will Harleen ji answer when she actually doesn’t have an answer? Punjab Dal’s future looks dark as Sarabjeet Singh Gill is not here. In such a situation, there should be a new politician who would look after the people,” he said.

Pointing towards a car, he said that the lady inside was their new leader. Harleen and everyone continued to have a glance at the lady who was stepping out of the car. But, the moment Harleen saw the new politician, she was shaking.

Harleen saw Kulwant Kaur Dhillon, Meher’s mother, stepping out of her car and waving to the locals. Harleen’s eyes burst out with tears.

She said, “Now I believe this saying is true. When the ship is on the verge of sinking, rats are the first ones who try to escape.”

Harleen directed the security guard to tell everyone to leave immediately.

On the other hand, Meher and her family returned home, and Meher continued to ask Param why he decided to beg.

“Why did you leave the house without asking your father? How dare you do this?” shouted Meher.

Param cried and said, “Meher mom and dad, Karan’s milk bottle was empty and there was no milk in the house. Karan was crying badly in hunger. When I went to the shopkeeper, he told me that the cost of a milk packet is Rs 17. Since I didn’t have money to pay him, I asked people for help. I wasn’t begging Meher mom, I was only asking for help, that too only of Rs 17. Param wasn’t begging. I know we don’t have money and so I was trying to be your good son.”

There was silence for some time as Meher, Param, and Sarabjeet continued to weep. Param held Meher’s hand and said, “Meher mom and dad, please forgive me if I have made any mistake. I am really sorry mom and dad.”

After listening to Param’s explanation, Meher felt extraordinarily guilty and started banging her hands on the wall and slapping herself. Param went to his father and apologized. Sarabjeet cried and hugged him.

Meher continued to punish herself mercilessly for beating Param and being too harsh with him all this time. She asked God for forgiveness. When Sarabjeet saw the same, he rushed towards her and stopped her.

“This was the first time I had slapped Param. Why didn’t my hands break after doing this act? What I did Today is unforgivable. That innocent child just did all this for the sake of his brother. It’s entirely my fault, because of me, Param had to go outside and seek help from outsiders,” cried Meher.

Sarabjeet interrupted and blamed himself for everything. He said he should have taken care of his family.

“Today I have failed. I have raised my kids as princes. Today, what I saw was something I will never forget in my life. You slapped and oozed out your anger by hitting Param, but the pain that is rushing inside my heart is something that I won’t be able to express before anyone,” said Sarabjeet.

The episode ended on a very emotional note. The family that looked jovial despite facing several problems started feeling the side effects of living in poverty. Will the Gill family manage to continue with this life, or will they give up and return to the Gill mansion? Watch tonight’s episode to find out.

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