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Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya reached at Abhi’s engagement



In the previous episodes, we saw that Abhi invited Pragya for his wedding, contrasting to her expectations of a patch up. Though she was shattered, she decided to face it bravely.

As the episode began, we saw her selecting a saree for the ring ceremony.

Sarita Ji asked, will Abhi notice your dress or tears which you won’t control welling up. 

Pragya said, “We cry in happy moments too. If he can celebrate, I can celebrate it too.

When Prachi came to invite them for lunch, she couldn’t understand Pragya’s behavior. She thought to talk to her. Sarita Ji asked her not to do so. She said, “I am afraid that your father might suffer outburst of her anger.” Then they decided to get ready so that Pragya doesn’t react more.

Party was in full swing at Mehra Mansion. When Aliya asked her aunt about the arrangements, she behaved rudely. Mitali’s husband Raj explained to Aliya that some of the guests know that Pragya is Abhi’s first wife. One of them asked mom about it, and she got offended. Aliya realized that all the events happened so fast that she could not think of it.

Meanwhile, Mitali rushed in and informed them about Pragya’s arrival. Aliya said, you are reacting as if you have seen a ghost. Mitali said she is not less. Aliya was happy and told Mitali that today we would see Pragya shedding tears when she will realize Meera is replacing her.

Pragya’s entry!!!

Pragya and her family entered with a bang. It seemed she was a leader, and her team was following her.

She greeted Mehras. Then she said, let’s have a formal introduction. This is my daughter Prachi, daughter of Mr. Mehra, and me. Aliya reminded her that her relationship with Abhi was over years ago. Pragya replied, she is Prachi Mehra, and you can’t change this fact. Sarita Ji made fun of them for being dumb.

Meanwhile, Mitali was shocked to see this new incarnation of Pragya. She thought Pragya was not this happy even the day she married Abhi then. How come she be happy to see him getting married to Meera? Aliya is foolish enough not to realize that Pragya is up to something.

For Aliya, too, it was surprising. She even told Pragya, “I thought you will create a scene but you are happy!” Pragya said, yes, I am happy. Aliya said, then go and meet Meera, the would-be Mrs. Mehra. Bhai will also be delighted to see you. Pragya said, “Of course! I will meet them. I need to thank Meera because she has raised Riya in my absence.” After this, she moved to meet them.

When Shahana was trying to insult Aliya, Prachi interrupted her and apologized. Aliya taunted her for behaving like a ‘sanskari ladki’ and reminded her that she only considers Riya as her niece. Sarita Ji retaliated and said that Prachi could be a good niece, but you can’t be a good aunt.

Pragya met Abhi:

While Abhi was coming downstairs, a waiter stumbled into him and spoiled his dress with juice. Praga was also there. When the waiter apologized, she said it is not your fault. Why are you apologizing? Abhi said yes, it is not your fault because it was the master plan of ma’am. You did it purposely so that I get late for my engagement. Pragya said, have you ever seen anyone making such a foolish plan? Then she offered her help to select clothes for him.

Ranbir was trying to avoid Prachi:

Riya’s friend Shaina was congratulating her. Riya was on the ninth cloud. Prachi and Ranbir saw each but instead of coming to her, he joined Riya. Shahana and Prachi had no clue about his changed attitude.

Aliya saw this and thought when Prachi would come to know the truth. She won’t be able to bear that. It’s the best day for me. I will see both Pragya and her daughter cry.

Abhi tried to find out if Pragya was ok with his marriage:

Pragya was selecting clothes for Abhi. They started taunting each other. Abhi was annoyed with Pragya addressing him, Mr. Mehra. Pragya said, then you don’t bring anyone between us.

Abhi said, you always misunderstand me. When Pragya was about to go out of his room, Abhi said her attitude always hurts him.

Pragya said, “I never go from your life. You always make me go. You blamed me for dadi’s death. You blamed me for Kiara’s death. I too could have blamed you for this.” Abhi had no answer. He thought Pragya has so many grudges against me.

Abhi held her hand and asked if she was not happy with this marriage. She said, don’t break this marriage to stay happy and leave the room. Abhi kept watching her with sad expressions on his face.

Prachi was confused with Ranbir’s behavior:

Shahana, Aryan, and Shaina were talking to each other. Aryan feared if Ranbir’s truth comes out. He first took Shahana with him and then Shaina away so that nothing is revealed. However, Shahana could sense that there is a reason Ranbir is avoiding Prachi. Aryan tried to cover up. Prachi also came there. Both Shahana and Prachi had no idea of what is going to happen.

Meanwhile, Riya told Ranbir to tell Prachi about their roka. She said either you tell her, or I will tell her everything. Ranbir was yet to finalize the way for it.

Amidst this, a waiter with a mask was wandering in the party. His movement was suspicious, but nothing more was shown.

Shahana became the love guru for Prachi:

Shahana tried to explain to Prachi that Ranbir is distancing himself from you because you are not romantic. She quoted a few films as an example. She also gave her few tips to woo Ranbir. She said you should smile, flirt, hold his hand, and say I love you. Prachi was not comfortable with this. Shahana warned her that if she doesn’t change, Riya will snatch Ranbir from her.

Pragya was trying to hide her suffering:

Pragya was regretting her behavior with Abhi. Then she explained to herself that she reacted out of anger because she couldn’t bear more. Abhi came and pinned her to a pillar. Pragya got angry.

Abhi said, “You came out of my room without ending the conversation so that I chase you. I know you are not happy with this wedding. Tell me what do you want?” Pragya said, “I am tired. All I want is to go home and rest, once the ceremony is over.” Abhi was disheartened. He asked, doesn’t it bother you? Pragya firmly replied no! not even one percent. Abhi let her go. They exchanged smiles.

Abhi and Pragya were both unhappy. After some time, Abhi saw her crying and thought, she is hurt and doesn’t want this wedding to happen. When he approached her, he saw her talking to someone over the phone. “Yes, I am delighted. My husband is getting married again. I would be the first wife to react like this. I will be free after he is committed to someone else.”

After listening to these words from Pragya, Abhi realized his mistake and was disappointed to find out that Pragya was happy.

In the very next scene, it was revealed that Pragya did all this deliberately. She could see that Abhi had seen her crying. She pretended to talk to someone over the phone. She was relieved that she could successfully hide her emotions from Abhi. She then decided to meet Meera. The episode ended.

How will Ranbir tell the truth to Prachi?

What will be her reaction after knowing about the roka?

Will Abhi be able to find out that Pragya is hurt?

Stay connected to get answers.


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