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Shashank molests Imlie



As the episode starts, Aditya goes near Aparna with Imlie. Aditya tries to tell the truth to Aparna, but he notices Aparna is very emotional. He asks Aparna, “what happened, why are you so emotional?”. Aparna says, “I went to see Malini, she is looking very pretty”.

She says that she never saw a bride as beautiful as Malini. Aparna says that Malini is a perfect life partner for Aditya and a perfect daughter in law for their family. She says, “Malini is very educated, she is a professor in the college but she has no attitude”.

Aparna tells Aditya, “There is seven years gap between your meeting and marriage but If you had chosen someone else in between these years, I would be very disappointed”.Aparna says that she cannot accept anyone else as her daughter in law. Aparna notices Aditya’s weird expression.

She asks Aditya, “what happened?”. Aparna asks Imlie, “Has Aditya scolded you again ?”. Malini enters with Anu and Dadi. Aditya looks at Malini. Nidhi and Rupali come there. They all are very happy to see Malini. Taiji tells Aparna to welcome her daughter in law.

Aditya tells Imlie, “if you think I am taking your rights, you may tell everyone truth”. He says that he will never blame Imlie for anything ever. Twinkle and Sunny get very excited as they see Malini. They run towards Malini to hug her. Mistakenly, they step on Malini’s veil.

Malini’s veil gets torn, and she becomes very sad. Nidhi tries to fix her veil, but it can’t be fixed easily. Aparna feels very sad. Imlie goes near Malini and puts her hand on Malini’s shoulder. Anu asks Imlie, “now, why did you come here ?”.

Imlie tells Malini, “if you don’t have any problem, you can take my veil”. Malini says, “how can I take your veil, you dressed so beautifully and you are looking very pretty”. Imlie says, “for me, it’s just a veil but when you will use it, It will become a bride’s veil”.

She says that Malini is today’s bride; this veil is for her. Imlie gives her veil to Malini. Malini thanks Imlie and says, “you are very good Imlie”. Anu says to Imlie, “even I couldn’t arrange a designer veil for my daughter, so thank you for the veil”.

Aparna tells Imlie, “you maintained our respect in front of everyone today”. Imlie goes from there. Dev thinks that Imlie always appears like Mithi. Imlie goes near the garden, Shashank is looking at her from behind. Dev goes near Imlie. Imlie wipes her tears. Imlie asks him, “why are you here?”.

Dev says that he came there to see Imlie. Imlie tells him that she just wanted some fresh air. Dev says, “I am very thankful to you today”. He says nobody wants even to bless someone nowadays, but you gave your veil to Malini. Dev says only a younger sister can do this for her elder sister.

Dev blesses Imlie and says, “you will fulfil all your dreams and you will find your father”. Imlie becomes happy. Dev tells Imlie that he has to go to the Mandap. Dev goes from there. Meanwhile, Mithi and Satyakam are on their way to meet Imlie.

Mithi says, “Imlie always had a dream to come in the city, see cars, her dream is finally fulfilled”. Satyakam says, “Imlie wanted to be successful and then, come to the city”. He says she never wanted to come here due to any problem. Satykam says that he will tell Aditya to continue Imlie’s study.

Mithi says, “I also want that Imlie studies but I am happy that her Inlaws have accepted her”. Police get the news of Satyakam being in the city. They think Satyakam is here for any big attack. Imlie is still standing in the garden. Shashank puts a cloth on Imlie’s head.

He tries to kidnap Imlie from there. He brings Imlie into a room. Shashank pushes Imlie on a sofa. Imlie warns Shashank and says, “let me go and don’t come near me”.

Shashank tries to molest Imlie. Imlie slaps Shashank and tries to go from there. Shashank again grabs her from behind. Imlie tries to free herself, but she is unable to do it. Shashank tries to molest her. Twinkle and Sunny had seen Shashank kidnapping Imlie.

They go and tell Aditya about it. Aditya comes there. He punches Shashank.Shashank fells near Imlie’s feet. Aparna and other family members gather there. Shashank tells everybody that Imlie pulled him there. Aparna asks Imlie, “are you fine ?”. Nidhi and Rupali also console Imlie.

Aditya tells Shashank, “I had killed you today if you weren’t Malini’s brother”. He says that he is just respecting the relation and forgiving Shashank. Shashank tells Anu, “I am not lying, Imlie pulled mere here forcefully because she wants to take money from me”. Anu tells everyone that nobody will say anything to Shashank. Anu slaps Shashank. She says, “I neglected your small mistakes but now, you are doing such cheap things”.

Dev tells Shashank to go from there. Anu also goes from there. Malini says sorry to Imlie. She says she never thought Shashank could do something like this. Aparna tells Malini that it’s not her fault. Malini still blames herself for the incident. Aparna says that it’s time for marriage and they should go now.

Aditya remembers Mithi’s words, “take care of my daughter, she is my everything”. Aparna, Rupali, and Nidhi take Imlie outside. Aditya hugs Malini and consoles her. Everyone gathers near Mandap. Pandit Ji says, “we should begin the marriage rituals now”. Aditya says, “nobody will go in the Mandap”.

Aparna says that Aditya should continue the marriage. She will take care of Imlie. Aditya tells everyone that he can’t get married to Malini. He says that he is already married and Imlie is his wife.

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