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Kumkum Bhagya 31 December 2020: Pallavi’s lie was revealed



Aliya and Riya were excited about wedding preparations while Pragya and Prachi were sad. Sarita Ji and dadi united together to save Abhi and Pragya’s relationship. Ranbir came to know that Pallavi lied about her health to persuade him to marry Riya. Poorab reached Mehra Mansion and told Abhi that he would not let this wedding happen.

Today’s episode started with Aliya inviting guests for Haldi Ceremony, day after tomorrow. Riya was excited that she will witness all the rituals. She was about to fall, but Prachi reached on time and managed to save her. Riya said thank you, but when she turned and saw Prachi, she changed her expressions.

When Pragya was about to leave, Aliya approached her and said that she is commendable for being different. Any other ex-wife would create a scene to see her husband re-married, but you were so happy. You danced and celebrated. Because you are very intelligent, you could understand that Bhai and Meera are happy with each other. Riya is happy too. Sarita Ji and Prachi were also listening to this from a distance.

Pragya didn’t respond to her, and Aliya left to attend to the guests. Pragya asked Sarita Ji and Prachi to go home.

Sarita Ji pretended to forget something and went inside. Prachi also followed her.

Meanwhile, Abhi approached Pragya, and they started taunting each other once again. Pragya said, “I wanted you to re-marry. Our relationship ended and now I will see how long can you manage to keep this new relationship?”

Abhi said, I know you are affected. Pragya said yes, I am! I am very happy and bit a piece of sweet to pretend that she was celebrating this day. Abhi said, wow, Kaju Katli! my favorite, and ate the same piece.

Sarita Ji wanted to settle scores with Aliya. Prachi also supported her and said, “I hate whosoever hurts my mom so I won’t stop you.” Sarita Ji told Aliya, “I know you hate Pragya, but Abhi is your real brother and you should at least respect his feelings.

Everyone can see his love for Pragya then why do you turn a blind eye to the fact? I may curse you for this.” Aliya took it lightly and said, do whatever you want but don’t interrupt me. Sarita Ji said, “I will mar your plan.”

Pragya asked Abhi if he needs more proof of her being happy? Then she said, “Congratulations and goodbye!” Abhi said, this sweet tasted bitter and left. Pragya is called Sarita Ji and Prachi.

Sarita Ji saw dadi, and they both decided to unite to bring Abhi and Pragya closer.

Dadi was relieved that now everything will be all right.

Ranbir came to know about Pallavi’s lie when he overheard her conversation with the doctor. He felt cheated.

Pallavi was talking to her doctor. Initially, it seemed as if there is some medical issue she wanted to hide from her family, but as the conversation progressed, it was revealed that she did not want Ranbir or Vikram to know that she is fit and fine now. Ranbir was overhearing this but had no clue why she wanted that? Then she explained to the doctor that Ranbir agreed to marry Riya because of her health issue, but he will move back if he knows the truth. Vikram will also support him. So please keep this secret till his wedding. Ranbir was dumbfounded. He recalled how Pallavi persuaded him to marry Riya.

On the other hand, Riya was dreaming about how much Ranbir was concerned for Prachi. She got up and shouted, “Now Ranbir can’t take a u-turn. He will have to marry me.”

Ranbir was sitting on the parapet of the terrace. Aryan saw him and thought that he was attempting suicide. He started lecturing him that losers do such things. You have not lost anything. It is Prachi who has suffered the most. However, Ranbir told him that he had no such intentions, and he came there to get fresh air. He asked Aryan, that how come your loved ones deceive you? Then he explained to him everything he heard between Pallavi and the doctor. He said my mom wants me to believe that she is still ill and now I can’t decide what I should do?

Sarita Ji reminisced how Abhi and Pragya fought with the robbers to save each other. She decided to ignite the love between them.

Prachi came into her room. Sarita Ji scented out that she was sad. “I can understand the reason for Pragya being upset, but why are you sad?” Asked Sarita Ji. Prachi said she was okay. Sarita Ji continued, “I saw your parent’s love and concern when they fought for each other even without bothering for their lives. They are apart because you and your sister can’t unite. They love each other so much that they can be an inspiration for lovers. They are helpless, and they can’t do anything not to let this wedding happen. Prachi left.

Pragya was sobbing and remembering her good moments spent with Abhi, but she burst into tears when she recalled Abhi’s engagement.

Pragya was deeply hurt because she expected that Abhi would drawback even at the last moment, but he got engaged. Prachi saw all this standing outside Pragya’s room. She, too, was helpless. She thought her mother never complains about her problems and suffers silently. She loves Papa so much. May someone stops this marriage. My mother is going through agony.

Poorab entered the story again and blamed Abhi for deserting his Pragya di and warned Abhi that he would not let this marriage happen.

Abhi was sleeping in his room when someone knocked on his door. Abhi opened the door and was surprised to see Poorab, who started looking for something in Abhi’s room, which he finally got; Abhi’s wedding card. He tore it apart. Abhi asked if he had gone mad?

Poorab said, how can you replace Pragya di with Meera? Abhi told him that he is not aware of the truth, and it is all his Pragya di’s fault. “Instead of blaming me why don’t you go and seek an explanation from Pragya di? She is responsible for this.” Said Abhi.

Poorab was not willing to listen and said he knows that Abhi is at fault. Pragya di can never think of breaking this relationship like this. He continued, as long as I am here, I will not let this happen.

When Abhi asked what will he do, Poorab replied that he would put the wedding Mandap on fire. Abhi was overwhelmed and hugged him to see his love.

He asked Poorab to do whatever he wants and let him do whatever he wants. Abhi continued, “It was Pragya who blamed me for spoiling her life. She wanted to get rid of me and I fulfilled her wish.”

Before Poorab could react more, Abhi pushed him out of his room and locked the door. He asked Poorab to go to sleep and talk tomorrow. Inside the room, Abhi was contemplating that he didn’t want to re-marry, but Pragya has not left any other choice for him. The episode ended.


Prachi meets Riya and asks her to stop this wedding. Riya offers her a deal. She says sacrifice your love for Ranbir if you want to unite mom and dad.

Will Prachi accept Riya’s offer? What efforts will Poorab make? Stay connected for these updates.


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