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Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein: Virat and Ashwini supports Sayi



Bhavani declares openly that Sayi cannot go to college for further studies and cannot take college admission. Sayi asks why I cannot take admission. Bhavani yells to shut up. Sayi explains it is about her future, and she needs to know why she cannot take admission and study. Virat says Sayi is right.

Bhavani declares Chavan family bahus cannot study or work after the wedding. Ashwini implores why she wants to do the same thing whatever she did with her. Virat asks what she has done.

Ninad shouts at Ashwini not to explore the past as she will receive only sand and stones from it. Shivani tells whatever they receive, and the truth should be out. She instructs that Ashwini wanted to proceed with her studies after marriage, but Bhavani halted her.

Ashwini says she still repents for not finishing her graduation and pleads Bhavani to allow Sayi to study further as she can become a great doctor. She is very good at her studies. Bhavani says if she cannot be a good bahu, how can she be a good doctor. Virat tells Sayi will be a good bahu slowly and definitely will be a good doctor.

Pakhi says she is a postgraduate and had also got an excellent job, but she gave it up as she wished to become a Chavan family bahu. Virat says there is no competition between her and Sayi, everyone has the right to freely take their decisions, and if Sayi wants to be a doctor, they should help her.

Sayi implores Pakhi not to interfere in her matter. Pakhi shouts to control her tongue, this is a joint family, and they have to follow all the rules made by the family’s elders, but Sayi doesn’t; she had left home to proceed with her job but came back respecting family values, etc. Ashwini says when Sayi’s husband and sasuma/MIL don’t have any problem and allows her to study, why is Pakhi interfering.

Bhavani shouts at Ashwini to leave the Chavan house if she asks to intervene. Ashwini says she quit her studies and did whatever Bhavani instructed, but she cannot be silent seeing Sayi’s future is ruined. Ninad shouts at Ashwini again.

Virat says to stop misbehaving with his mother in front of everyone and change his behavior.

Sayi supports him and tells Ninad queried her behavior, and he behaves in this way, youngsters learn from their elders. Saloni yells to shut up and stop misbehaving with elders.

Sayi says she will take admission at any cost to fulfill Aba’s dream, and for that, she is ready to go from this home and live in a hostel. Bhavani screams she wants to take her responsibility and asks Virat if he can listen to his wife’s rubbish. Virat tells Sayi is right, and he speaks in her favor.

Sayi asks him if he married her to fulfill his responsibility or feeling sorry for her. He says he married her under pressure but didn’t marry, sympathizing with her, and wedded with his desire. Sayi tells then he should tell it to everyone. Virat declares that he wedded Sayi with his wife to fulfill his commitment, and nobody should offend Sayi from here on.

Bhavani says she cannot allow Sayi to get away from her family chores, and when no Chavan bahu went to college for further studies after marriage, even Sayi will not. She grabs Sayi’s file and throws it in the air. All the certificates shatter on the floor.

Devi enters and sees that and says one shouldn’t disrespect knowledge and throw papers like this; who did it. She picks papers and tells Virat and Sayi to help her.

She reads the certificate and inquires if Sayi is going to college to study, it Is perfect. She also wanted to go to college, but her Aayi stopped her; she tells if her aayi is stopping Sayi from going to college, she will stop her from doing so. Ninad shouts at her and asks where did she find this rubbish from.

Bhavani tells who else than Sayi. Sayi hugs and thanks Devi for her help. Devi raises the question if Sayi is a police officer like Virat. Virat tells Sayi will be a good doctor. Devi raises the question if Sayi will care for her as everyone says she is suffering. Sayi replies she will and assures her. Ashwini and Shivani cry emotionally while Bhavani and her team fume in resentment.

Devi moves away, saying Sayi to study well.

Virat wiping his tears says to Sai that they are getting late and advises Bhavani that they should change over time, and if they don’t change them with time, then time will change everything; it’s time for them to change some of the family ordinances. Bhavani feels frowning.

Virat holds her hand and says it is not mandatory to proceed with the same old rules. Change is the new requirement, and if they don’t change, how will they carve a better future; though family bahus cannot study or work further, it doesn’t signify it will continue. They need to remake this rule today itself as Sayi’s admission will be done today. Bhavani steps aside by freeing her hand. 

Ashwini says Virat is proud of him and herself that she is his mother and must have executed good deeds that she received a son like him who can distinguish between right and wrong; she felt good recognizing him raising his voice for his wife. Pakhi says to Virat that if he has described everyone, he should clarify if rules will be remade only for his wife.

Virat says there is no time for argument as Sayi is already getting late. Sayi says she wants to take everyone’s blessings before going, but everyone curses her instead.

Ashwini confesses her Aayi’s blessings are with her and praises her. Virat throws the flying kiss on Ashwini and walks towards the door with her. She goes back and touches all elders’ feet and greets them bye and runs away. Virat smiles.

Precap: Virat takes Sayi to a busy road where she is lost and worriedly feels she somehow has got to return home but doesn’t learn how.


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